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Techniseal Accessory Line


Paver Care by Techniseal

The leading manufacturer of paver care products in the landscape industry, Techniseal is proud to offer the most reliable cleaners, stain removers and protective sealers in the business.

When it comes to protecting their customers’ hardscape investments, thousands of Clean ‘N’ Seal professionals throughout North America trust the Techniseal brand for good-looking, long-lasting results.

Techniseal Products

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Water-Based Gloss Finish Brick Paver Sealer

Natural Look Matte Finish

Techniseal Paint, Tar and Rubber Remover (PTR)

Techniseal Rust Remover

Techniseal HP Nextgel Jointing Sand

Techniseal Paver Primer Cleaner

ProSeries Professional Grade Oil & Grease Remover

Techniseal Organic Stain Remover

Structure Bond

Techniseal Paver Prep

Efflorescence, poly haze, dust, and dirt can all be unsightly finishes on your paving stone and hardscape projects. It can all happen despite the best efforts of manufacturers and contractors. Techniseal Paver Prep will clean all. Now available at our showroom.