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Our Products

Tahiti Stone

Tahiti Stone Pavers have slight ripples on the surface which creates a beautiful appearance of a slate stone. This design is perfect for the outdoors as it greatly reduces the slippery surface when wet. Tahiti stone can be used on pool decks, lanais, walkways, and pathways.


The Amazon block is a combination of an 8” X 8” square and 8” x 12” rectangle. Its surface features a slight pillowed edge to add depth and character to any project. This combo is packaged approximately 30% 8” x 8”s & 70% 8” x 12”s. Available in 2-3/8” thick pavers and 1” thin pavers.

Caribbean Combo II (CCll)

The Caribbean Combo ll is a combination of a 6” x 6” square and 6” x 9” rectangle. The surface is accented with a pillowed edge to give it a subtle cobble stone appearance. This combination is packaged approximately 30% 6” x 6” s & 70% 6” x 9”s. Available in both 2-3/8” thick pavers and 1” thin pavers.

Pillow Top

NEW Flat Top

Grand Bahama

Much like the Amazon the Grand Bahama is a combination of an 8” x 8” square & 8” x 12” rectangle. The Grand Bahama has a very smooth and flat surface with thin even bevel on all sides. This combination is packaged approximately 30% 8” x 8” squares & 70% 8” x 12” rectangles. Available in 2-3/8” thick pavers only.


By using the same top-quality materials in every paver produced we can create a consistent quality color and design in our products.

*Colors shown should be used as a guide only. Actual samples should always be used when choosing your color selection. Select custom colors available. STABIL Concrete Pavers does not guarantee color match between 30mm and 60mm pavers.

Garden Wall

Our beautiful garden wall will enable you to turn your outdoor area into a contemporary masterpiece. The block is versatile and can be used for straight and curved walls.


Hydro-Block is an environmentally friendly hardscape product. It allows the readmission of water into the ground and the natural recharge of the aquifer by reducing or eliminating storm water runoff. This 4”x 8” permeable paver helps protect the environment from dangerous pollutants in storm water run-off. In most cases it decreases flooding and relieves sewer systems. It is manufactured in 2-3/8″ thick. LEED points are available when using this paver. (*U.S. Green Building council)

Concrete Wall Panels

Concreate® Wall panels are transforming the way designers and homeowners are introducing authentic concrete surfaces into modern interior design. A versatile and stylish alternative to conventional poured and polished concrete, these ready-made panels can be installed in any space and work alongside any material to create compelling architectural styling.

Concreate® Panels are precision-machined from poured and pressed natural fiber-reinforced cement which is air-cured so that each panel has its own unique patina – rich with blemishes and mineral deposits. Randomized industrial markings are applied to the surfaces which are then sealed with high-solid Danish oil to complete the raw concrete aesthetic unique to Concreate®.

Fire Pits

Adding a fire pit is one of the best things you can do to enhance your backyard or patio.

With countless styles and options to choose from, let us help you create memories for you to share with friends & family.