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Transforming buildings and communities to create a healthier world

Valencia Tenderloin Center

Our Commitment to Giving Back to our Local Communities

The Tower at PNC Plaza

Rethinking the Relationship Between Humans and Nature

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Our Commitment to Giving Back to our Local Communities

The Tower at PNC Plaza

Clients Come First In Everything We Do

Exertion is a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. With more than 3,500 active clients, we work across the global economy. Our clients are remarkably diverse: large and small, private and public, for-profit and nonprofit.

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The founders of this exertion practice left their branding largely to chance. The office is named after the seven-digit corporation number issued when it registered as a new architecture company.


Interior Designs


Flooring & Tilings



Interiors Design

Enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier environment for it.


It is the activity of making something look more attractive by putting things.

Flooring & Tilings

Thin object any finished material applied over a floor structure to provide.


The lighting in your house or office is the use of different electric lights to give life.

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